Leaders must speak with coordinated messages to avoid confusion, problems

Leaders must speak with one voice, have coordinated, unified message

When it comes to your business, it is always preferable to have a single person act as a designated spokesperson for your company. The goal when interacting with members of the media is to avoid contradictory information delivered by multiple individuals which can undermine credibility, reputation.

Planning your website.

Your Business Website: Avoid Cost-overruns, Late Deliveries With Advance Planning, Clear Direction

Your business website can be completed on-time and on budget, but only if you are clear about the website’s goals.

Users are frustrated when they try to use your website when it is not mobile friendly.

What differentiates a mobile-first website

With more users visiting websites & using mobile devices, Google says mobile friendly sites are required. What makes a website mobile friendly? Is it bigger fonts? Larger buttons? Learn what you need to do to provide a superior user experience and make your site friendly to mobile devices.