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Benefits of Business Blogging Workshop


The most effective tactic

What is the single most important marketing tactic for you, the small business owner?

Would you believe me if I said, “Blogging.” So, what are the benefits of business blogging?

Why blog?

Far from being the sole province of disaffected ranters, mommies, and celebrity gossipers, blogging is the primary way to demonstrate your knowledge and capabilities. It drives your search engine optimization efforts, supports increased sales leads via your website and provides content for your e-newsletters.

Workshop details

During this workshop which I am leading at the South Carolina Women’s Business Center, learn why a blog integrated website is mandatory and which platform works best. Learn to strategically plan and write blog posts to align with your marketing and sales goals, as well as how to distribute your blog’s content across the social web.

Register today

The last time I lead this workshop, it sold out. Reserve your place. The cost for the two hour workshop if $20. Register for the workshop.

* Graphic credit: SC Women’s Business Center

2 thoughts on “Benefits of Business Blogging Workshop

  1. I just found the workshop information a day late. Could you please let me know when you will host another one or if you offer one on one training? I am new to blogging, wordpress, etsy, affiliate links, etc and need help navigating through them. I live up by Myrtle Beach but travel to Charleston area monthly.
    Many Thanks,
    (843) 359-0987

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