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We know that public relations and marketing are more than a grand opening, more than a Facebook page, and much more than a website.  Together they are a strategic and thoughtful approach to content and positioning that allows your business to pull the right customers to your products and services by providing them the information they need, when they need it.

What’s the process?

Charleston PR & Design Process

We ask lots of questions. And we listen. Then we formulate plans and get to work.

Our team has more than 70 years of collective leadership, project management, digital development and marketing under our belts. We’ve not met too many problems we cannot tackle.

Charleston PR & Design is an integrated public relations, crisis management, and marketing communications firm supporting businesses and professionals.

  • We help our clients increase awareness of their companies.
  • We help our clients communicate with their customers.
  • We help leaders in times of corporate crisis.

How good is your marketing?

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