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10 Things you must do with your website


Are you cultivating your website?

A website is like a garden. It demands tending, and if not tended, it can fail to help you achieve your search goals.

With Google’s preference for real-time search, fresh content and social media presence, if you’ve allowed your site to remain static, you’ve signaled that your website is not connected to the rest of the world.

10 Things you MUST do to keep your website “findable”:

  1. Have a content managed website and create interesting, relevant content that is about your business.
  2. Include a blog in your website.
  3. Post regularly to your blog.
  4. Categorize your blog posts.
  5. Have a News section or news category on your blog and post your new client news, new product news and new hire news here.
  6. Share your posts via Social Media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or your favorite mix of SM sites.
  7. Create a YouTube channel and post videos about your services or answering client questions.
  8. Link your videos back to your website.
  9. Be active on social media to support customers, answer questions and increase brand awareness.
  10. Connect your website to your social media presence.

If your website is not built on a content management system, look into converting your site to one that is. Then, you can become a master web gardener.


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